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Foldable Hooded Coat Rack

$19.98 USD $9.99 USD -50%
  • Are you always thinking about high-collared clothes and hooded clothes not drying out and collar deformation when drying clothes? These problems can be solved perfectly with our product.

Main Features

  • Specialized Design
    Specially designed for high-collared clothes and hooded clothes hanger, no longer have to worry about clothes creases, collar deformation, three-dimensional drying, ventilation and quick drying.
  • Rotating Hat Stand
    With a rotating cap drag, flat drying, you can hold up the clothing hat to avoid overlapping, not easy to dry.
  • Prevents Slippage
    Thoughtful hat clip design, so you can clip the hat when drying clothes with a hat, do not worry about the hat will slip off, fast drying.
  • Universal
    Hanging buckle height can be selected, suitable for a variety of clothing. Free adjustment according to different clothes to prevent deformation, convenient and practical.
  • 360° Rotating Hook
    360° rotating hook to prevent slippage. Free to rotate 360 °, rotate with the wind, prevent slippage, convenient storage.


Material: ABS

Color: White

Package contents: Foldable hooded coat rack